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Jinhuan Group Boost Shijiazhuang Metro

On June 26, the first subway in Hebei Province - Metro Line 1 and Line 3, began the trial operation, marking Hebei Province officially stepped into the "subway era".
At 6:30 in the morning, 12 subway trains departured from the Xi Zhaotong comprehensive maintenance base, and stopped in the designated 12 stations ahead of schedule. At 9:10, with the trial operation signal launched, 12 trains started to set off.
The total length of Shijiazhuang Metro Line1&3 is 30.3 km: line 1 is 23.9 km long, west to the Xi Wang station, east to Jiaohe River Station, one-way takes 40 minutes; Line 3 is 6.4 km long, from No.2 Middle School to Shijiazhuang Railway Station, one-way takes about 10 minutes. The two subway lines cross like "T" shape, mainly to meet the residents in east-west direction demand and Shijiazhuang railway station traffic requirement.

As the first subway in Hebei province, Shijiazhuang subway choose the 6 groups A type train with the largest passenger capacity up to 2520 people, which is the first one in the same kind of city in China. In addition, the Xi Zhaotong integrated maintenance base also built the first subway depot photovoltaic power generation projects in China, which can provide vehicle base 30% of electricity consumption.
It is reported that by the end of 2020, four subway projects including the second phase of Line 1 will be put into operation. By then, the total mileage of Shijiazhuang subway operation will reach to 80 km. The city network of rail transit backbone through the east and west, north and south will be formed.
Metro is another sign of the capital city. Subway is a century plan, not only alleviate the pressure on urban traffic, but also add luster to public transport. At the same time, it controls the vehicle emissions effectively, provides a boost for environmental governance.

Shijiazhuang subway, also known as Shijiazhuang rail transit, is a complete set of rail transit system. Jinhuan Group plays an important role in the construction of the Shijiazhuang subway, providing strong guarantee for the subway operation for a long time.
The tubular steel, as the load-bearing steel beam, produced by Jinhuan Group, ensures the subway safety during its construction and operation. Superb craftsmanship, meticulous attitude, refined faith make Jinhuan achieve the complete the zero failure rate tasks, providing effective help for the Shijiazhuang subway.
Shijiazhuang rail transit is equipped with complementary system and machinery, such as Xi Zhaotong material warehouse, maintenance warehouse and garage constructed by Jinhuan Group which will offer security assurance for repairing, maintenance and storage. Shijiazhuang urban rail command center built by Jinhuan Group, as the heart and eyes of the Shijiazhuang subway, bearing the responsibility of the subway dispatch, ensure Shijiazhuang subway efficient and safe operation.

Jinhuan Group has been persisting in quality promotion for a long time. Its staffs always uphold the spirit of excellence, adhering to the faith of producing boutique, creating their value for Shijiazhuang subway.

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