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Shijiazhuang Peace Road West Extension Successfully Swivel

At 1:00 on March 2, of Shijiazhuang City Peace Road will enter the important construction node. One main line diversion bridge and three ramps across the Shi-tai railway will be swung at the same time. The most difficult part for the project and swive is WS ramp and SE ramp.
Two ramp diversion bridges are located in the intersection of Shijiazhuang West Second Ring Road and West of Peace Road and on the south side of the shi-tai railway. WS ramp is located in the southwest corner of the peace road and the West Second Ring Road, with a T structure length of rotor part is 67.5 m * 2. The upper structure is single-box double-chamber steel box beam. The diversion adopt self-balanced heavy-level diversion method, a weight of 2460 tons, and clockwise rotor angle of 49 °. The SE ramp is located at the southeast corner of the junction of Peace Road and West Second Ring, with a T-section length of 53.5 m * 2, a rotor weight of 2169 tons and a rotor angle of 74 ° counterclockwise. As the two bridges are located on the curve, there are torsional moments in the transverse direction of the bridge. In order to balance this moment, we set up eccentricity. The requirements for the steel box beam production, assembly, welding and counterweight before are very strict and the difficulty is also increased accordingly.
   From March 1, all project personnel in Peace Road West Extension project department were ready to combat, repeatedly check the bridge state, swivel state, convergence state and so on.   All of these have made a strong guarantee for the success of the swivel. Due to the meticulous attitude, Jinhuan Group has created many miracles.

At 1:00 on March 2, after the release of the command, the bridge quietly rotating evenly with a boring roar. In addition to the operation of the machine sound on the scene, all the engineering staff quietly witnessed the birth of this project miracle. The movement of SE ramp ended which marks the success of the twist project. All the staffs on the site began to cheer. Cheer for the miracle, cheer for the record and cheer for boutique concept!

The Peace Road West Extension project has overcome many difficulties such as short term, heavy task, and tough engineering and create many miracles. Construct golden buildings, Create wordwide quality is the concept and motivation of Jinhuan staff.  We believe that through the effort of all the staff, the group will go further and will continuously create many miracles.

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