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        Corporate culture is the embodiment of the enterprise comprehensive strength, a reflection of enterprise civilization, and the source of productivity which transform the knowledge into physical. Jinhuan Construction Group has already accumulated of a certain cultural heritage in the last 13 years since it was founded, but now it
        faces the new situation, new tasks, new opportunities and new challenges. In order to win in the fierce competition, Jinhuan need to make the enterprise bigger and stronger to achieve rapid development by establishing a concept that is to manage and prosper enterprise by culture. It also need to integrate and innovate the original culture, build and foster the advanced culture, actively promote the strategy of vitalizing the enterprise by culture, and strive to use advanced corporate culture to promote the reform and development ,  improve the innovation, image and competitiveness, creating “business vitality, project reputation, leadership righteousness, staff morale" development environment and mental outlook.
         Jinhuan need to guide by the development strategy, to form a common ideals, beliefs, values and behavior norms as the core, to cultivate pioneering and innovative spirit, team spirit as the soul, to improve the quality and shape the image as the key, to establish a standardized operating mechanism and the implementation of a strong leadership as the basis. The company should make a overall planning , create a good start, and promote comprehensively, so that corporate culture can infuse and penetrate into the work, promoting the
        company’s comprehensive development. 
        Construct Best Building, Create Worldwide High-quality Goods
        High-quality Products, Best Service
        Establish Brand, Pursue Perfection, Manage Efficiently, Develop Innovatively
        Establish first-class brand, pursue superior quality, provide best service ,create top enterprise.
        Integrity - basis of enterprise. Integrity to gather popularity winning hearts and minds, and trustworthy to win credibility and the world. Construct best building, Create worldwide high-quality goods is the root of enterprise to survive and develop , and is the pursuit and standard to be a staff.
        Efficiency- key of management. Strong execution to improve the work efficiency.  Keep safe to make the enterprise run efficiently.
        Surpass- method of developing. The enterprises long-term development and sustainable growth rely on self-inheritance, self-denial, innovation and continuously exceed.
        Win-win- foundation of survival. The community of interests and fortune between enterprise, staff and contractor.

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